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One example where an industry has been under the cosh for a fair old time, is telecoms, where the UK government have restricted the amount that prices can be raised. It is natural to come into investing thinking that you will «buy low and sell high», and that this is both easy to do and the way to make money. While it is undoubtedly true that buying low and selling high (i.e. capital appreciation) represents part of the gains from the stock market, it’s only part of the story, and not nearly as easy as it sounds. For example, a little thought will tell you that it is not obvious what «low» means for an individual stock … But then you might reassure yourself with the thought that you can always buy one that is going up, ride it for a while, and then sell when you have made a profit.

What I have learned from the «Credit deflation» thread

I mean, at some point prior to getting involved in Fyre King evidently thought, «Magnises was not completely stupid and shitty,» so he was apparently susceptible to being convinced that bad ideas are not in fact bad ideas. Had to lol at King’s «Nobody remembers the mud and the traffic and the lack of food and sanitation at Woodstock!» Yes they do. Shots of stranded cars are longer than the Santana drum solo, ffs.

The #fyrefestival is 100% a scam designed to teach ignorant rich kids to care about the refugee crisis. DB is expecting real rates around negative 3% throughout the cycle. Negative real rates are historically very good for gold, as the value of fiat money is being eroded. A couple of stocks may do OK, for specific reasons. Iran is believed to have a lot of excess supply, being held back by sanctions. However, CP believes that a lot of its supply is already on the market, avoiding the sanctions, and being sold to China.

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Shit just gets out of control because you expect most people know what the fuck they are doing. It’s just the way things are for her and her friends, but I don’t know what to make of that sort of transcendental cynicism. Did the Hulu doc interview any artists who weren’t involved in the «production» of this thing? That was something I missed in the Netflix doc — I want to know what was promised the artists other than big bucks, if anything.

I wonder if all this will put paid to many hare-brained-but-heartfelt ideas in the near future. I mean infamously Glastonbury lost money its first few goes round and had solve care price all manner of skirmishes and trouble in its the 70s and 80s. If Fyre or same had happened the year before in 1971 or whatever, would they have even gone through with it.


It is said that Freemasonry originated in Egypt or an early form….. Anyhow, given that it took me an eternity to get around to watching the Netflix doc, unsurprisingly I haven’t seen the Hulu one yet – might check that out in a couple of days when I’m not so busy. From what I’ve read here, sounds like a treat. Very minor, very small scale compared to Fyre. The head of the company was similarly a panicky sociopath who put on a good front but was a total failure.

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Those young people with HTB mortgages wont enjoy the inflation or wage increases because rates going up will take it all and more. We cross market that to oil for instance and that gives us a price of $200 to $300+. Sometimes all that research in to fundamentals / performance in particular companies/ sectors is a total waste of time. First, there is the cash flow document, which lists how much is being spent on what. Followed for long enough, it might be possible to reconstruct everything from this, but as a snapshot, it doesn’t tell you a huge amount. There are various metrics people pull out of cash flow, for example at the company I work they quote EBITDA , which is earnings before interest , tax, depreciation and amortisation .

Matt would like each one of you to attend his upcoming bachelor party in the DC area. The date is being finalized, but it will be a weekend in August. Kate’s bachelorette party is August 15 so we might do it the same weekend since there are couples that will have one person attending each party. Please let myself and [woof’s government name + an email address that is not the one this was sent to] know if you would like to attend. Saved me reading 1000+ pages and better makes sense of the sentiment in «the long thread». Over last couple of year I have been building a portfolio using ideas from the thread .

  • You KNOW there’s impending doom, you know it’s all going to go bad somehow, and again the use of music throughout quietly underscored that.
  • Therefore the extra supply that will enter when sanctions are lifted is not as much as anticipated.
  • I am so sorry about last time but at least it gave us the opportunity for a good catch –up….
  • So, on balance, I think the risk of doing nothing outweighs the risks of cautiously following the consequences of the thread thesis.

Another friend expressed hope that ‘this is the last of the skeletons’ in his closet. But according to his online biography, Goff had a dark criminal past that included a five-year prison sentence on drug charges which he received when he was 18 years old – around the time of Hart’s slaying. In a rambling profile on the site iBankCoin, the 41-year-old man has described himself as a ‘self educated genius’ and a ‘modern day Renaissance Man’ with a Master’s Degree from the school of hard knocks and a PhD from Google University. For the past several years, Goff has been very active online, blogging and tweeting about the stock market, economics and politics. Goff, a self-proclaimed math whiz and aspiring financial manager, stabbed Hart multiple times with a knife in a wooded area behind the Clubs Condominiums May 7, 1990, according to police. Police and investigators from the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said Goff had told him details about the case that only the real killer would have known, Rickel said.

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To make matters worse, the event organizers also appeared to have sold tickets to a «Hamburger Festival,» that was scheduled for the same exact time and place as the Pizza Festival. That event promised «mountains of french fries, oceans of ketchup and waterfalls of beer,» with admission prices ranging between $35 and $69. The interest on the loan amounted to $600,000 over three months, but only if Fyre met a trio of stipulations. It needed to make a payment of $500,000 within 16 days, make each subsequent payment on time, and raise the company’s valuation to more than $75 million.

I’m mostly looking forward to a movie not so much a documentary. McFarland allegedly engaged in a scheme to sell fake tickets to concerts and sporting events, including events like the Met Gala and Burning Man. McFarland is proposing 6 months of home confinement or a “minimal” period of incarceration, 1,000 hours community service and three years probation. He’s also already agreed to pay back 26 million in restitution.

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This strategy is called «dollar cost averaging», or «pound cost averaging.» It has been a successful strategy for American pension investors for several decades. What am I doing with company financials? HL has a tab about this for most of the companies it lists. You can find the market capitalisation , the ratio of share price to earnings (P/E), dividends, assets, intangible assets, current liabilities and total liabilities. As I said above, there are well-tested metrics to compare companies, particularly in Ben Graham’s book «Security analysis», and I need to look into this more.

However, the thesis of the «deflation» thread considers them a poor choice for most of the coming decade. Boy who claimed he was enslaved by a black family found… Wife and stepson are charged with army veteran’s murder 36… Moment BBC newsreader Joanna Gosling becomes overwhelmed with emotion live on air as she announces deaths of… Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share adorable footage of their daughter wobbling… Following his arrest Monday, a friend posted on Goff’s Facebook page that she had seen him and he wanted to let everyone know that he is doing fine.